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Renaud Dugoujon Truffle's producer - 37270 Saint Martin le Beau, France - +33 6 09 53 85 49
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Truffle reappears in France for the first time on François 1er table.
It comes from a small village in Burgundy, Is sur Tille, near Dijon.

Tuber melanosporum

But truffles have been known and used long before, as during the Roman period truffles were served at the end of the meal marinated in a ginger and cinnamon sauce or as a carrier of flavor.
Romans held truffle in high respect and considerated it as a present of gods.
After the Roman period, truffles were rarely used and seemed forgotten in the culinary recipes of the Middle Age. Only during the Renaissance period, truffle regained its popularity when it appeared on the finest noble tables.
We had to wait for French gourmand Brillat Savarin to give it its noble letter again in the late 19th century.

Our truffle harvest...

It is in 2004 that we planted in an argilo limestone soil our first hectares with oak trees inoculated with certified myccorhizae coming from our Chinon nurseryman, François Houette.
In 2012, during a cavage, we found a truffle “ tuber melanosporum ” of 450 grams with an exceptional flavor.
Since this discovery, we decided to restructure a part of the property in order to restart truffle farming.
Truffe tranchée

We produce two diversities of truffles, the Tuber melanosporum on a surface of 13 hectares
and the Tuber aestivum on 1 hectare.
Administrator : Renaud DUGOUJON - 37270 Saint Martin le Beau, France - Ph +33 6 09 53 85 49

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